Working out: wanna have a better butt?

By holding a light weight behind your knee, you’ll get maximum impact in a short amount of time. Learn the exercise in this video!

Akshin Alizadeh – Street Bangerz vol. 8

Taking his cue from his native country, this album sits at a crossroad between East and West incorporating the producer’s strong funk and nu jazz.

Health Canada: destroy pot or face police

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Cooler it can’t be: Foo Fighters on Deadmau5

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Many LA Pot Shops shuttered since the summer

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Our cute little post with the review feature

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Yoko Ono is still not ready to make a career

Awful. Gross. She has the money, she has everything but the voice. My grandma doesn’t know how to sing but I can bet if she gives it a shot…

Colorado Springs after the “Charlotte’s Web” story

COLORADO SPRINGS — The doctors were out of ideas to help 5-year-old Charlotte Figi. The recovery of Charlotte and other kids has inspired the Figis and others to travel the country, pushing for medical marijuana laws or statutes that would allow high-CBD, low-THC pot strains.

Jay Vegas got it all! Let’s boogie tonight

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Dubmatix is coming back and shining again

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